Gardens Love Resale Too….

It’s time to start thinking of your garden: decorating it is the best fun (way more fun than digging in the dirt which is where the worms live…)

and of course, HowToConsign has some ideas for you!

For example, some DIY hobby ideas with resale goods that are pretty enough to gift your hostess with:

Outfit your yard with a potting bench/ garden control center for $25 or so plus some paint…

Use your consignment shop finds as a frame/ support to make those vines look FAB:

And here, if your plants are tired and need a place to sit down:

Of course, just THINKING about planting all that makes YOU want to sit a spell…

How have YOU used your resale shop finds to make your landscape unique?

Bye-bye roaring fire. Helloooo, decorating opportunity!

Unique candle sticks

Wouldn’t you love to find a selection of candlesticks like this at your favorite resale shop?

By now, hopefully it’s spring everywhere, and there’s no need for a roaring fire. So let’s do something INTERESTING with that big hole in the wall for the next 7 or so months. Our suggestions:

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