It’s summertime: Time to Play with Your Clothes!

Who sez you have to wear clothes just like you bought them?

Like your home decor, your clothing should be mixed and matched, and fiddled around with, and what better time to do that than in the lazy crazy days of summer? Try an idea or two from the HowToConsign Pinterest Boards on your, or your children’s, clothes. How-to’s can be found by clicking the pix.

Last year’s Crocs make REALLY fun summer shoes for your kids.

And, as our final word on the subject, always remember:

Never-say-Die Denim

Ah, we love our jeans. And our denim skirts.

But sometimes, those jeans just need to be

Remodeled, Re-invented and RePurposed.

And oh, do we have ideas for you!

Amazingly cute: Shedding light on your old jeans!

Denim lampshade

Source: via Kate on Pinterest


Pocketsful of Continue reading

Swish swish… it’s all the rage!

My super-secret* sources tell me that the HOT fashion for this spring will be

Jean Skirts!

And that’s not skirts made out of denim fabric, but skirts made from honest-to-goodness broken-in, well-loved jeans. Now some of us remember these skirts from another decade, but this time around, they are new, and fresh, and best of all, they’re repurposed!

This first example is clever: the skirt portion is actually legs from other pairs of jeans. See how they’re used upside down, so the whiskers make a hem detail?


Next. the skirt I want: loving denim and lace, especially with the vintage vibe! Wondering if I can find some old lace curtains or a tablecloth to tea-dye for a skirt that’s so boho it’s chic!


Easy how-to photos here. I’m thinking an old, soft-from-washing print tablecloth or batik bedspread. What fabric would you use?

* PS My super-secret sources are the Professional Resalers who are the Sponsors of the Resale Directory & Zoomable Map. They listen to their customers, they take care to match shoppers up with styles, and they are always the first in the know! So get to know your local consignment, resale or thrift shop today!