Bye-bye roaring fire. Helloooo, decorating opportunity!

Unique candle sticks

Wouldn’t you love to find a selection of candlesticks like this at your favorite resale shop?

By now, hopefully it’s spring everywhere, and there’s no need for a roaring fire. So let’s do something INTERESTING with that big hole in the wall for the next 7 or so months. Our suggestions:

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Did you take the 52 Things Challenge?

If you took our 52 Things Challenge to dis-burden yourself, chances are you ended up with a pile of possessions that you didn’t like, love, care about or choose to care for any more. Here’s how I passed on my underloved things, and how you might too.

Now, where to pass these on to?

Now who will love these 52 things more than I do?

Placemats: DONATED to my favorite consignment shop, to keep knick-knacks from scratching the for-sale furniture.

Hurricane lamps: CONSIGNED at same shop, as well as the ice bucket, tray and wall shelf/bracket.

Straw Stetson: DONATED. A local nonprofit shop sets aside things our migrant workers need. A straw hat is right, since much of the work these men do is under the brutal Florida summer sun.

Mid-Century bowls: SOLD to local vintage-furnishings shop. Art-show bowls: CONSIGNED. Orphan salsa bowl, in the DONATE bag for the local thrift shop which raises funds for a cause I believe in.

Tote, bag, knapsack, shoes, clothing: CONSIGNED.

Four black vintage handbags: UNDECIDED. I thought I’d try them on eBay, since I never have done that. But seeing the listings there, perhaps I’ll just consign them or ask at a few local antique shops. We have no great vintage shops around, although this might send me on a quest.

8 necklaces and bracelets: SOLD outright to a local resale shop. Well, except for the two bracelets Sis seems to find a liking for, and the necklace put aside for my friend Merry who has an inordinate love of primary colors…and in whose company, come to think of it, I bought the darn thing.

10 books to used-book store for store credit. I can always find another book or 5 to buy!

Fairy-bunny-ballerina: Gave to the little girl down the street wearin’ the tutu she tools ’round the ‘hood in. The feather-covered balls I put aside for holiday-present decorations. If I don’t use them there, I’ll take them to the thrift shop where I took the wire-art shopping bag and 4 t-shirts which are too well-loved to consign, and the sea gull. Although full of priceless memories, its beak’s been mended.

What I bought and sold these 52 Things for:

Total spent: Originally, about $275-ish. Total received by consigning and donating? $163 plus, of course, the good feelings of having donated some possessions to my favorite community charities.*
* Your mileage may vary. I seldom purchase anything “new”, so all my purchases were deals to begin with. That’s what happens when you ReSell, RePlace… you get to ReJoice!

Find a shop near you on our Resale Shop Directory. Your favorite not there? Tell them  they SHOULD be on HTC!

Been resale shopping lately?

Sure, we all know there are treasures to be found in thrift, resale and consignment shops, but usually they’re treasures particular to ourselves: the perfect kitchen curtains, backpack, ballet flats or home decor item.

But this fellow spent a few bucks… and ended up with “the Holy Grail of American West memorabilia”  worth over $5,000,000. Yes, that’s FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.  Read about it.

Thrift shop photo worth $5 million