Bye-bye roaring fire. Helloooo, decorating opportunity!

Unique candle sticks

Wouldn’t you love to find a selection of candlesticks like this at your favorite resale shop?

By now, hopefully it’s spring everywhere, and there’s no need for a roaring fire. So let’s do something INTERESTING with that big hole in the wall for the next 7 or so months. Our suggestions:

Fill it with greenery: A basket* of ivy adds a welcome green accent.

Pine Cones: Gather pine cones into a wooden bowl* or rustic bucket.* (We won’t tell if only the top layer is pine cones and the rest of the basket is packing peanuts!)

Get the pitcher? Some pretty pitchers* are hard to resist but way too big or heavy to actually use. Fill with something airy and pale: dried baby’s-breath*? Birch twigs*? for an instant sculpture.

Long for a cottage by the sea?: Driftwood*, large seashells*, glass fisherman floats*. Need we say more? Whitewashed candle pillars* add height as needed.

My favorite: A fireplace needs a little life. I collect odd candlesticks* (some of them truly odd) of assorted styles and heights to mass in my fireplace. I fill them with white and off-white candles*. With a flick of a grill match, I have all the loveliness of a roaring fire without the heat, year ‘round.

* Guess where we found THESE items!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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