Such a lot to know!

Professional Resalers can spot true qualityAs a shopper, you know where to find the bargains. You know what looks good on you and what colors you like. But do you know how to tell a quality item from one where

the manufacturer has cut corners?


As shopkeepers, we need to be able to tell quality without the “clues” a consumer has: what store are you in? How much is that item? Is it full-price or has it been marked down several times? There’s a lot for us to know as we select and curate merchandise to offer you.

Because of our experience, education and knowledge,

you are MORE assured of quality, value and wear-ability when you shop resale.


Why? In addition to our choosing only the best for you, you can see and feel how the garment or accessory performs after it’s left the “real” store. That’s right: factory-installed fabric polishes and stiffeners are now removed, any shrinkage has already taken place, and you can see that the zipper stays flat and there’s no puckering or fraying. So buying at a consignment, resale, or thrift shop, where you aren’t being fooled by the “sparkly new” tricks of the trade, is

the smarter choice.


For example, it’s a shameful little tactic that

Some retailers lower their own standards to get your money

Watch the news clip. And read the transcript on that page for even more info.

Got the Hanger Heebie-Jeebies? The Cupboard Creeps?

messy closet text apple pathways on flickr

Cleaning out, organizing, owning only what you love. They say it’s easy. They lie. Cleaning out your stuff, figuring out what to save and what to pass on, it’s hard. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even cuss a bit under your breath. If you are in need of closet clarity, read on.

The easiest possessions to get rid of are those you don’t use. You know what these are: the ottoman you constantly trip over, the dress that was perfect for last year’s cruise but when do you ever go dancing at home, the toys Uncle Bob thought would be perfect but which your kids disdain.

Okay, those things are piled up to get rid of. Next, tackle the things you ought to use, but don’t. The heavy-duty pastry mixer (who has time to bake?) and the barbells. And the things that were once useful but now are gathering dust. The stroller (Jaime is so not into sitting still) and the best-selling books and DVDs you’ll never look at again. Get rid of them before they become outdated.

The absolutely, no-holds-barred hardest stuff to get rid of? Your favorite… mistakes. Doesn’t matter how costly they were, those Jimmy Choo’s (that pinch your toes) or that cashmere baby blanket (does Aunt Maude have no sense whatsoever?): if it is not an asset to your life as you live it now, pass it on!

Not everything you’ve just decided to part with is worth consigning or selling to a buy-outright shop. Some aren’t “even” worth donating to a charitable thrift shop.

  • The best quality, condition, and style clothing should be freshly-washed and pressed and hung neatly. If you’re sorting out decor items, check them for all parts, and make sure they are free of chips, scratches, and tarnish. These are the items you’ll be taking to your friendly local consignment or resale shop. See Would you Wrap this in a Festive Bow? for more info.

  • The next level down, perfectly good and clean items that are no longer in style but useful, will go in your “Donate” pile for the charitable shop of your choice.

  • The final level, terribly worn, non-working, or soiled-for-good items should be thrown away or put in a “free” box at your next garage sale. Do not burden a charitable shop with the job of throwing away things you know are no longer useable…all you will be doing is adding to their costs of operating the thrift shop.

    Selecting a shop or two to take your underloved items to is not a task to be undertaken lightly. We discuss what you should look for in a consignment or resale shop here.

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Warm weather, here you come!

If you’re lucky enough to be due a spell of sun and fun on a cruise or at a tropical resort, you’re doubly lucky!

You can shop consignment, resale and thrift for some nifty things to take along, and save enough for that special excursion. Parasailing anyone?

Here’s how to pack so your luggage doesn’t encumber your adventures:

Here’s how to have the most spectacular, romantic cocktail dress out of two scarves:

And here’s how to turn an oversize souvenir shop T-shirt into an outfit you’ll love (one of HowToConsign’s most popular pins!)


What’s HOT for Fall?

Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you have to offer.As you pull out your fall clothes and home decor, chances are there are some things you really would like to have someone else enjoy. The purple desk lamp your daughter had to have? That cashmere sweater your husband claims is too warm? Or even (sigh) those sky-high heels that simply don’t work for the mother of a toddler?

Would it sell?
Why not call your favorite consignment, resale, or thrift shop and ask them whether what you have can be passed on? If it’s a consignment or buy-outright business, you can make some money (and you’ll probably find something to buy while you’re there!), or if it’s a favored-charity thrift store, you can help them fund their mission with your donation!

Mother Earth will thank you, too.

Polishing your image at work

It's time to go to to find a resale, consignment or thrift shop near meDo you get the respect… and plum assignments and raises… you deserve at work? Or do you sometimes feel a bit overlooked, even though you are really good at what you do? Here’s what an image consultant has to say:

Imagine this: all eyes on you as you are about to give a major presentation, or how about all eyes on you as you walk into a professional networking social or important meeting?  Would you like those eyes to think “WOW!!! How sharp, professional, confident, and polished this person is!”  Or will they be thinking “OMG…this person could use a little image upgrading!” Read more

There are some amazing Before-&-After photos here of business women.

And the best part of upgrading your image? It doesn’t have to destroy your budget, when you shop consignment, resale or thrift! Find a Professional Resaler on the Resale Directory.