What’s HOT for Fall?

Someone somewhere is looking for exactly what you have to offer.As you pull out your fall clothes and home decor, chances are there are some things you really would like to have someone else enjoy. The purple desk lamp your daughter had to have? That cashmere sweater your husband claims is too warm? Or even (sigh) those sky-high heels that simply don’t work for the mother of a toddler?

Would it sell?
Why not call your favorite consignment, resale, or thrift shop and ask them whether what you have can be passed on? If it’s a consignment or buy-outright business, you can make some money (and you’ll probably find something to buy while you’re there!), or if it’s a favored-charity thrift store, you can help them fund their mission with your donation!

Mother Earth will thank you, too.

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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