Such a lot to know!

Professional Resalers can spot true qualityAs a shopper, you know where to find the bargains. You know what looks good on you and what colors you like. But do you know how to tell a quality item from one where

the manufacturer has cut corners?


As shopkeepers, we need to be able to tell quality without the “clues” a consumer has: what store are you in? How much is that item? Is it full-price or has it been marked down several times? There’s a lot for us to know as we select and curate merchandise to offer you.

Because of our experience, education and knowledge,

you are MORE assured of quality, value and wear-ability when you shop resale.


Why? In addition to our choosing only the best for you, you can see and feel how the garment or accessory performs after it’s left the “real” store. That’s right: factory-installed fabric polishes and stiffeners are now removed, any shrinkage has already taken place, and you can see that the zipper stays flat and there’s no puckering or fraying. So buying at a consignment, resale, or thrift shop, where you aren’t being fooled by the “sparkly new” tricks of the trade, is

the smarter choice.


For example, it’s a shameful little tactic that

Some retailers lower their own standards to get your money

Watch the news clip. And read the transcript on that page for even more info.

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