Is your shopping ZIP being ZAPPED?

Did you used to love shopping? You couldn’t wait to get out there? But now, you’re feeling like your shopping ZIP has been ZAPPED by

A cshopping center just like every other shopping center. But YOU aren't like all the others.Pricing that is absurd: suspect they’re overpricing just so they can fool you into thinking you’re getting a bargain when they “mark it down”?

Boring selection: offended by the chains’ assumption that you actually want to look just like everyone else?

Not even being able to find someone to take your money? I mean, here you are, cash in hand, and there’s no salesperson to ring you up… or if there is, it’s like you’re interrupting them with your silly need for service.

No JOY in shopping the chain stores? The department stores, the discounters, the outlet stores which aren’t really even outlets?

If shopping “regular” stores has you stressed and bored, it’s time to regain the SHOPPING ZIP you deserve.

Break up with those mall, chain, discount impersonal stores and get cozy with your shop-local, personable resale shops!

You can once again experience the JOY of shopping, of finding just the thing: something that looks like you, fits your budget, and makes you feel like a million.

Click to discover the Professional Resalers who welcome you with astonishing variety, real-life prices, personal service and best of all: real, local, personal service.



One thought on “Is your shopping ZIP being ZAPPED?

  1. Not even being able to find someone to take your money? I actually find this in boutique shops, resale shops, and consignment shop too. When I open my shop, you can bet your butt that any employee of mine will never act like that because that will be a one way ticket out of employment. It is a pet peeve of mine. (I’m actually working on an employee handbook)

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