Chanel. Really. The Real Chanel.

I don't do fashion, I am fashion: the mantra for consignment and resale shopping fansIn the late 1950’s or the early 1960’s, I remember my mother teaching me how to check the quality of gently-used good clothes. The lesson that remains (really, I can see where we were, how the air felt, and even smell my mother’s Arpège perfume!) was the delicate, supple golden chain in the Chanel jacket she had on the racks in her consignment shop.

After all, if I were to continue in the family tradition by having my own consignment shop, I needed to know these things.

So when I ran across this excellent post on the Rice and Beans Vintage blog on what makes a Chanel jacket so desirable to resale shoppers, it was like coming home. I’m pleased to share it with you.

Another Chanel-making video

And a feast of photos of Coco, plus why she was nicknamed that!

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