Creepy, or adorable, Halloween party food

Since Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, we’re betting there’s more than a few parties planned for the entire weekend. From Pinterest, here’s some food ideas for parties of all sorts (click the pix to find their origins, directions, recipes):

Healthy Pumpkin Halloween food!

Carrots, zucchini and dip with a broccoli stem

Hot dog mummies for your Halloween party from

Mummified hot dogs, candy corn pizza, and the ever-popular Dirt-n-Worms on this site

Our most re-pinned pin on's Halloween Pinterest board!

I really didn’t know whether to include this idea, but it IS my most-repinned Pin! Spinach dip and chips, I’m sure you figured, no recipe needed.

Strawberry ghosts for a sweet Halloween treat

Strawberry ghosts for a sweet finish to your Halloween party


See more Halloween pins on’s Halloween board!

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