Take a Trip to Serendip!

Serendipity is waiting for you at your resale shopSerendipity, according to the dictionary, is the art of making happy discoveries by accident.

We beg to differ! Finding delightful treasures is never an accident in the resale industry. Professional shopkeepers offer our shoppers a wealth of wonders. It’s just a matter of matching up happy customers with happy discoveries. There’s nothing that tickles a shopkeeper as much as hearing that so many of our items are

“just what I was looking for. . . only I didn’t know it ’til I saw it,”

as a customer once said.

So come make a happy discovery at one of our Sponsor shops soon. The best discoveries are found by those who drop in often, sometimes only for five minutes. After all, every day there’s “something  new” in secondhand!

By the way, “serendipity” is from a Persian fairy tale, The Three Princes of Serendip. Where is Serendip? It’s the Arabic name for Ceylon, which we now call Sri Lanka. An exotic word for an everyday event at your favorite shop!

The pretty words graphic is just one of the treasures at http://my-beautiful-words.blogspot.com/
Contents © 1998 Kate Holmes

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