Bones or Boas? How will you decorate this Halloween?

Halloween is a much-beloved holiday, but not everyone decorates their homes the same way. There’s great ideas and how-to’s all over Pinterest.

For example, some of us adore being as creepy as can be:

Door wreath out of bones, accented with a skull

Click to see it on our Pinterest Halloween Board

More creepy ideas? Nothing’s creepier than those big black trash bags used in a dozen different ways that you can see here; and to me, the creepiest of all is scary dolls, which you can admire (?) here.

Others prefer the “make-em-smile” aspects of October 31:

Orange and black masks make a Halloween wreath

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Balloons will always cheer us up, especially pumpkin balloons, while a centerpiece that’s pretty for your party and edible the day after can’t be beat!

Maybe you lean towards the “One can never be fabulous enough” aspect of the holiday:

Glamourous Halloween wreath

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A high-style holiday would include silver pumpkins and, of course, ditching the mean-girl witch.

Or maybe you just like a little teeny bit scary but mostly smiley:

Scarey, a little, in the bathroom....

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Your teeny-bit scary but-not-really decor could start with your mummy door surrounded by made-in-a-flash ghost luminaries, and continue with our most-pinned Halloween cobwebs.

What’s your choice? Me, I’m going Gothic glam like this:

Glamourous Halloween pumpkin

Click for the tutorial, so easy!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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