“But it was dead before I was born!”

Would you be comfortable in a vintage fur?That’s what a friend of mine proclaimed when a passer-by challenged her stylish and warm vintage fur coat on grey winter’s day.

WAY true: the coat was vintage 1920’s, my friend? Vintage 1960’s, and late ’60’s at that. Generations of fur-bearing animals lay between her and the (yes, slightly musty but adorable and did we mention warm?) coat she’d found in a consignment shop.

“But it was dead before I was born!”

Valid point or cop-out? We will each feel a bit differently about this. There are (oh the punniness) many ways to skin a cat, many sides to a discussion. An article I found examines the issues.

For a complete examination of whether you’d feel comfortable wearing a vintage fur, see this article. A few facts are wrong, and a few facts unsubstantiated,  but it’s thought-provoking.

If you’d like to leave your opinion on contemporary re-use of vintage fur items below, please do. Please remember to remain both civil and rational.

Photo from here.

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