6 Reasons why resale is good for you, your wallet, and your world.

Resale is good for your wallet and your plantResale, no matter how the business operates, means cash in your pocket:

You get cash for your underloved items, or your favorite charity turns your cast-offs into cash for their mission, which benefits your community

You save cash and keep your family budget healthy when you shop resale before you shop the malls and megastores

You find goods you truly love, rather than those with an affordable price tag, because everything is so much more affordable resale. That means you don’t clutter up your life with things that will just “do.”

Most resale shops are local shops, which means that shopping in them supports your neighbors who work there and the consignors or sellers who use the shop’s services

Shopping resale helps local businesses as well, when the money earned at the shop supports other businesses in your community.

Buying already-manufactured goods means less pollution created from manufacturing, which saves your tax dollars, local, state, and federal,  spent on monitoring and cleaning up our environment.

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