Be YOU-nique.

Indie designers to crave! Consignment to save!

Indie designers to crave! Consignment to save! This lovely is from and I’m hoping to find it… or something LIKE it… in my favorite consignment shop.

Of course you shop consignment, resale and thrift to define your own style. Who wants their wardrobes, or their kids’ wardrobes, or their home to look like it came straight from the mall, right?

And not only do you get a wide selection of styles in resale, but sometimes you find unexpected gems from designers that you simply CANNOT find in the “real” stores, even if you live in a fashion hot spot.

The indies!

Here, for drooling over, a round-up of womenwear independent designers and manufacturers. I use these sites as inspiration for consignment shopping. Because I love the dress pictured here, I’ll know what to keep an eye out for when shopping. Loving the navy spiked with salsa orange, the front placket, the little pockets placed high…

If you know of a similar list of YOU-nique home goods, tell us in the comments below!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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