Resale clothing is cleaner than “new”

Freshly-washed is always best, say consignment & resale shopsYou DO know that clothing in professionally-run resale, consignment, and thrift stores is


than “new” clothes, don’t you? Not only because the sizing won’t cause allergies because it’s been rinsed out, and chemicals have been lessened with washing, but because

OUR clothes are “freshly-washed”

“New” clothes aren’t really new, of course. They’ve been through so many hands from wherever they were created to however they were shipped to the warehouse and then to the mall and finally to you. “New” things have traveled the globe with nary a quick bath. Who knows what germs they harbor?

Resolve always to wash all items which come into your home. Never don “new” clothes straight from the mall. It’ll keep your family healthier.

One thought on “Resale clothing is cleaner than “new”

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