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The other day, I had an idea I wanted to send a friend, an idea that had to do with storks and babies (no, I’m not pregnant; she’s not either; it’s kind of an in joke.)

HowToConsign says be green... print only what you need!

So I needed just one piece of stationery to send a note now, and it had to be embellished with a stork. Did I waste time, gas, and money driving all over town, or did I have to order (and pay for!) a whole box when I just needed one? How UN-eco-conscious would that have been?  Did I try, with unskilled hands, to draw a stork of my own? (How pitiful would that have been.) Did I spend an hour trying to design something on my computer? (Did I mention right now?)

Luckily for me, I knew a website that has downloadable, full-color, editable templates for all sorts of things…

including stork stationery!

Keep this link nearby. I guarantee you’ll find yourself using it more often than you think!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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