Why a garage sale might not be the best choice for you

A yard or garage sale might not be profitable for you

Are you cleaning out, and dreaming of cleaning UP, by selling your family’s gently-used possessions in your driveway?Be sure to weigh all the factors before you hammer in that first yard sale sign over on the highway.

To help you decide if a tag, yard, or garage sale is the best choice for you and your family, click on over to HowToConsign.com to read this:

Is a garage sale, a yard sale, a tag sale always the best choice?

Are you willing to risk it? The glass lamp that topples over in the wind, the designer handbag which disappears, the lace dress ripped and snagged: if your teeth ache at the thought of it, leave the selling to others. Consider, too, if your homeowner’s liability will cover all situations.

Sure, a garage sale means you keep all the money. Or does it? Be sure you understand the risks.

And are you prepared to be stolen from, cheated, or maybe even victimized? Read more at Garage Sale Scams

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