Remarkable Resale: Some say it, but this shop does it!

I’ve known Kitty forever… or at least it seems that way, because she is a vibrant part of the resale industry. Long-time Board member and current President of The Association of Resale Professionals, her wisdom and professionalism are well-evident to her long-time customers and consignors. We’re so pleased that she agreed to this e-interview, and we are excited to spotlight her shop on our blog!

What you will find in the stop: A huge selection of stylish fashions for the entire family and home. From babies to moms and dads, there are enticing departments of in-style clothing and accessories for everyone in this 7500 square foot store. Since items must be three years old or newer to be accepted, you won’t find items from your grandma’s closet. There’s also an ever-changing great selection of home décor and small furniture.
Who you will meet in the store: A great group of gals of all ages work to make customers feel welcome. “We love to meet new people and spoil our old friends,” says Kitty Boyce, owner.

Remarkable Resale in Rochester ILWhat they like best about their store: The never ending parade of new items that arrive every day. It’s never the same store two weeks in a row. “You can’t hesitate if you see something you like here, ” says Kitty, “because it may not be here tomorrow.”

Special services they are proud of: We accept all forms of payment, including debit, credit, checks, cash and layaway and offer a seven day return policy. We maintain a wish list where we will call someone if we receive an item the person is searching for. There is a nice play area for children to enjoy while mom is shopping. And there are always courtesy strollers available for those trying to carry a car seat or toddler while shopping.

Their favorite customer story: Kitty tells, “We have the best customers. While I was ringing up a purchase for a young lady, she was telling me the items were for a foster child in the system who didn’t own many clothes and, even though the young lady didn’t have a lot of money, she thought she should help. The customer in line behind her, a realtor who is a regular, heard her and said she had some girls clothes that had been left behind in a house she was selling, and that the young lady could have them. She also wrote her a check on the spot to get the child some shoes. They did not know each other but both demonstrated such generosity that I gave both a discount and a thank you.”

Where the shop is located: Remarkable Resale is just six minutes east of Springfield, IL on Route 29. Just look for the grain silo and turn on the street next to it. Take a right and you’ll be right in the parking lot. The store is open seven days a week: Monday through Saturday 9-6:30 and Sunday 12-5.

Why this store is worth a trip from anywhere! With a selection that will amaze arriving daily, you’re going to love what you find!

Remarkable Resale
130 S John St,  Rochester, IL 62563
Monday through Saturday 9-6:30 and Sunday 12-5
Visit Remarkable Resale’s site from the Resale Directory & Zoomable Map!

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