Shopping time with the kids

Shopping with kids? Tips from a Professional Resaler at HowToConsign.orgShopping with the kids in tow can be a pleasure– or a disaster. Here’s ideas to help on your next family outing to your favorite resale or consignment shop:


Is your child is too tired or hungry to shop? Or maybe you are! After nap time is best for toddlers. If your older child has had a tough day at school, it might be better to wait until another day.

Bring something from home to keep your child amused. A favorite toy or book can keep him occupied and happy while you comb the racks. A small snack (Cheerios or raisins seem to be the most popular) will buy time for you, too.

Invite along an older child who can keep the littlest ones entertained.

Hold your child’s hand. A store is nowhere to let a child roam unattended. Even older children should be in sight constantly.

Don’t overstay your child’s patience. If she starts fussing, you know it’s time to leave. We resale shopkeepers will be happy to hold your selections until you return the next day.

Never leave your child in the car, even for a minute. Tragedies can happen in the blink of an eye.

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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