Keeping your wardrobe in shape… with nail polish!

Remember that old ad, “A little dab’ll do ya?” Well, a little dab of clear nail polish can do you as a way to keep your wardrobe in shape!
Clear nail polish has some interesting uses. Find out more on

If you coat those round pearl buttons on your favorite dressy blouse, the buttons will stay bright and shiny and the pearlized coating won’t come off in the wash.
A dab of polish on the threads of shirt buttons will help forestall losing them, too.
Covering the tips of satin ribbon bows on lingerie or other girly stuff will prevent fraying and keep these feminine trims looking their best.
Clear nail polish can act as a non-allergenic coating on the backs, clasps and posts of pierced earrings if you’re unsure whether they are surgical steel. Recoat every few wearings to prevent allergic reactions.

This works well too on the metal back and band buckles of watches.

Or go red! Got a dress that needs red earrings, but you can’t find the right shade? Try customizing a white or pearl pair with nail polish! The varieties of red in nail polish are endless, and you’re sure to find just the right hue. Or you could do as a friend did: take a pair of white button earrings and paint “in” on one, “out” on the other. Yup, it’s “in” one ear and “out” the other!

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