How to gift wrap that whatchamacallit. suggests a Hershey's Kiss gift wrap

For more thrifty AND nifty eco-gift wrap ideas, see HTC’s Pinterest suggestions!

Okay, you’re really tickled with the gadget, widget, whatcamacall it you bought for __________ [fill in the blank].

But you don’t want him/her/them to guess what it is before they are allowed to open their present.

How to disguise it?

Stick it in a Hershey’s Kiss!

All you need is a funnel of whatever size, a bunch of aluminum foil, and a “flag” of white paper out the top (Use a turquoise marker and ALL CAPS to make it seem like a real Kiss!)


(I’m sure Hershey’s Kiss is a trademark or copyright or whatever; Here’s their site. I am only riffing on the cultural imprint these candies have made on our culture.)

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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