One-of-a-kind present for a one-of-a-kind kid!

dress up trunk, filled with goodies from a resale shop!

Any case will do; this is from Target. Of course, make sure the lid is safe for little ones.

Is there an imaginative, creative child on your gift list? Here’s a present that not only is fun to give and receive, but

massively enjoyable to SHOP for!

A dress-up trunk!

Find a sturdy and safe trunk, box, or even small dresser, and fill it with:

  • Colorful, sparkly, filmy dresses
  • Flowy tops
  • Elastic-waisted skirts and pants
  • Scarves, jewelry
  • Gloves, hats
  • Vests, ties, belts
  • Shoes, shawls, capes
  • And all the props you can find, from tiaras and magic wands to pirate maps, spy-glasses and laser lights! A stuffed parrot? Fluffy rabbit to pull out of that hat? (You get extra credit from me, if you include a few books about adventuring!)

All of the above, and some fun stuff you’ll discover along the way, can be found at your friendly, local resale, consignment, and thrift shops. Find yours here.

And don’t forget, most imaginative play takes place with friends… so fill that “trunk” to the brim with multiples.

Who knows? You may be inspiring the next Sir Laurence Olivier or Katharine Hepburn!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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