Amaze & Astound a Kid Today

Amaze & Astound a Kid Today… or even just a kid-at-heart.

Did you know you can mail just about anything if it weighs under 13 ounces? A pair of rubber flip-flops, a dollar-store plastic ball… or a plastic bottle full of art supplies?

You can mail a soda bottle full of fun!

Click the pic to see more fun Pins from HowToConsign

Not only will the kid love it, but hey, it’ll remind him or her that

mail can come not just to their iPad, but right to their door. And isn’t THAT amazing!

Photo from coolmompicks

3 thoughts on “Amaze & Astound a Kid Today

  1. Not only kids love art supplies and sometimes grown ups need these gentle reminders too. Just sayin’. 🙂

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