What to wear when eating turkey.

(We’re doing 50 Days & 50 Ways to have a merry recycled holiday. More about this….)

A turkey dress needs to be:

  • Camouflage if you’re doing the roasting
  • Easy-in-the-waist if you’re doing the eating
  • Flattering if you’re going to his parents’ house
  • Awe-inspiring if you’re dining out

Let’s see what we can see at our favorite gently-used shops:

Camouflaging for the cook:

It’s hot in the kitchen, even if you aren’t in Florida, like Fashion Safari is. Bare shoulders go a long way in keeping a hostess cool, and the autumn-tone print can hide that gravy stain until guests depart.


Start off with the belt, remove it for seconds. Plus, the print scarf hides a full tummy. This dress is the easiest style of all to wear to a feast and can be found at most shops!


Pretty party dress from Upscale Fashions

It’s as flattering as it is affordable, this red party dress from Upscale Fashions in GA.


Awe inspiring consignment shop find

This jacket from Clothes Circuit in TX will wow them!

If you find the right outfit for Thanksgiving Day at a consignment, resale, or thrift shop, consider donating the amount of money you saved to your local food pantry, and truly

show your thanks for the health, wealth and love surrounding your feast.

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