40 Days ’til Christmas & 40 Ways to help your Community!

(We’re doing 50 Days & 50 Ways to have a merry recycled holiday. More about this….)

It’s now 40 Days to December 25, and you’re probably thinking about how you can clear out your home for the coming festivities, and how you can help other families enjoy their holidays as much as you will yours. Well, it’s simple.

It’s a proud sign of American neighborliness that almost every community, large or small, has a non-profit resale shop which helps right in your community. Chances are, that shop could Turn Your Cluttered Closets into Cash for their good works.

Today’s a great day to go through your home and office to see what you could donate to help make the lives around you as blessed as yours is. Find a shop near you, or ask your consignment or resale shop which non-profit they favor, then use this list to gather your donations:

Holiday decor
Gravy boats
Warm coats
Pots and pans
Counter-top appliances
Serving pieces
Kids’ holiday attire
Party dresses
Kitchen utensils
Children’s books
Throw pillows
Hobby supplies
Office chairs
Sports gear
Book shelves
Barely-worn shoes
File cabinets
Side tables
Work boots

Of course, check with your local non-profit store as to what they can handle, what they can sell, and what they can turn into money for their cause. For example, some can’t properly test counter-top appliances; others have no space for books. Also, remember items are worth more if clean, damage-free, and useful, so use your common sense to decide if it’s a donation… or if it’s time to throw it away.

Never leave donations at a thrift shop when they aren’t open. They can be fined for this, as some municipalities consider it the charity’s fault for attracting “litter.” And if the charity cannot accept some of your donations, please don’t be offended. They know what is useful to their shoppers. Take your unused items home to dispose of; leaving these for volunteers to deal with takes time, effort, and trash-removal fees away from the good you just did!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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