What can I do with…

What can I do with…

There comes a time in the life of any possession when it’s no longer usable as is. And that’s the time to get creative! Some ideas for what you can do with:

  • Extra buttons: Trim a pillow, napkins, or cafe curtains for a “cute as a button” accessory!
  • An odd belt: Hung from a hook, a belt makes a wonderful barrette holder.
  • Single pierced earring: Besides becoming a lapel pin or beret accent, a single earring will also make a cute push-pin on your bulletin board.
  • Outgrown souvenir T-shirts make a wonderful quilt, with the printed areas reminding a child of past trips and sports team allegiances.
  • Baby clothes can dress a teddy bear or doll in “memorable” outfits.
  • Worn-out jean cutoffs can be stuffed for throw pillows. Try snagged or run pantyhose for the stuffing.
  • And then of course there’s the old stand-by, a cast-off dress shirt as a child’s craft smock. Make it special with fabric paints or pens!

A pin, from Country LivingMore ideas about what to do with things you have… or things you can’t resist buying in your favorite consignment, resale, or thrift shop, on the HowToConsign.com Pinterest board, “Using your Found Treasures!

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