HowToConsign’s clean-out tool

Is it time to get rid of it?

Why keep it if you don't LOVE it? says

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Sometimes it seems like our possessions possess us, instead of the other way around. If you are like us, there’s a lot of stuff that you’ve accumulated that you really don’t need, want, or enjoy.

But sometimes it’s hard to part with belongings. You think you might still want it or need it or love it.

Here’s our simple way to see if you truly care about something. We call it

the HowToConsign secret clean-out tool

  • Put it aside, away, out of sight, in a cupboard, closet, or storage area.
  • Three months later, go look at it.
  • Did you miss it? Do you still want it? Love it?
  • Do you still feel actively happy to own it?

If not, call your favorite consignment, resale or thrift shop to see if it’s something they can pass on to a good home.

It’s a shame to waste something that someone else can enjoy. Don’t let it sit in your home neglected when your shop can find someone who’s just perfect for it!

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