The kids got everything they need for camp?

Camp clothes should be bought resale!

Clean, cute… and if they lose them, no big deal.

Comfortable clothing and shoes are more important than having everything new for camp. Many items return damaged, or not at all!

There’s no better place to outfit your children for camp, sleep-over or day, than a resale shop. Who cares if they get paint all over a shirt you bought for a few dollars? Or lose the hoodie?

Visit not only consignment and resale shops, but thrift stores too, checking off your camp’s clothing list as you go. Every dollar you don’t spend on new clothing for messing around in, is a dollar more for those tae kwon do lessons next fall.

And who knows? Those cargo pants you bought just for the woods, will probably turn out to be his “favorite pants ever!”

Read great tips on what to pack when you pack the kids off to camp.

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