Making your stuff worth more

Make your consignments worth more

Whether you’re looking forward to consigning some underloved possessions,

or selling them to a resale shop,

or gracing your favorite charity’s thrift shop with them, there are easy, quick, inexpensive

ways to make your stuff worth more.


Here are some tips from a consignment shopkeeper whose decades in the resale industry have taught her the best

tricks of the trade:


* Clothes stay brighter if you add a cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle once in a while. The vinegar cuts residue that dulls color.

* Is there a spot which will need special attention before it goes in the washer? Remember it’s there with a clip clothes pin on the garment before tossing in the hamper.

* Ring around the collar is easily removed with shampoo. Keep a bottle of the cheap stuff with your laundry supplies.

For more tips, check out the HTC Pinterest Board.

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