Nothing personal. Really. Believe me.

no clothesSometimes, folks are hesitant to take their under-loved clothing and accessories to a consignment or resale shop, because they’re afraid of “being rejected.”

Of course, it’s nothing personal when we have to let you know that something you once loved and now want to pass on… just isn’t what our clientele is looking for. Every shop has its own target customers, and if they won’t buy a specific item, it would be bad business for us to accept it from you. We wouldn’t want you thinking that it’ll sell… when we’re pretty darn sure it won’t.

It’s also nothing personal when we have to say that the lovely [whatever] you inherited from a beloved family member isn’t something we have the market for. Believe us, if we thought we could sell that Limoges china service for 12 or those solid-maple side tables, we’d gladly take it on consignment, or buy it from you. But the marketplace, not we, sets the price on goods… and sometimes, that price simply doesn’t exist here, now.

Just like a restaurant known for one type of cuisine wouldn’t invest talent and kitchen space to making a dish their clientele wouldn’t be apt to order, our shoppers are looking for

the shopping adventure and unique finds that they expect

from a business like ours. Sure, sometimes something that’s not quite our customers’ “cup of tea” will sell… but we would be foolhardy… and possibly out-of-business… if we didn’t curate incoming goods for our clientele. And alas, sometimes that means that your underloved possessions, and our ability to sell same, don’t match up very well.

That’s why HowToConsign always recommends that you

visit the shop you’re considering using

before you gather up your gently used good items to bring in. Yes, that slinky elegant cocktail dress you wore once, and invested a lot of money in, is perfect for someone somewhere… but perhaps not at Crazy Larry’s Cowgirl Duds. Same goes for your pearl-snap fringed rodeo shirts. Great at Crazy Larry’s, not so perfect for Ye Haute Couture Shoppe. Take a look at the shops that are convenient for you to use: which would be the best match for the items you want to pass on to a new owner?


It’s not you, it’s us.

You can’t consign because there’s too much clutter?

The tagline of our master site,, is “Turning your Cluttered Closets into Cash!”, but recently, I’ve received emails from potential consignors or sellers or donors who’d love to do just that… but they can’t seem to get past the “clutter” in their lives, their homes, and their closets.

Here’s a solution. This web site promises to get you uncluttered in just 15 minutes a day!

Declutter and turn it into CASH, says

Click here to get the calendar, and remember, there’s one for every month. so if you’re reading this after January has come and gone… no excuses! Start where you are, and pretty soon you’ll be

“Turning your Cluttered Closets into Cash!”

Got the Hanger Heebie-Jeebies? The Cupboard Creeps?

messy closet text apple pathways on flickr

Cleaning out, organizing, owning only what you love. They say it’s easy. They lie. Cleaning out your stuff, figuring out what to save and what to pass on, it’s hard. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even cuss a bit under your breath. If you are in need of closet clarity, read on.

The easiest possessions to get rid of are those you don’t use. You know what these are: the ottoman you constantly trip over, the dress that was perfect for last year’s cruise but when do you ever go dancing at home, the toys Uncle Bob thought would be perfect but which your kids disdain.

Okay, those things are piled up to get rid of. Next, tackle the things you ought to use, but don’t. The heavy-duty pastry mixer (who has time to bake?) and the barbells. And the things that were once useful but now are gathering dust. The stroller (Jaime is so not into sitting still) and the best-selling books and DVDs you’ll never look at again. Get rid of them before they become outdated.

The absolutely, no-holds-barred hardest stuff to get rid of? Your favorite… mistakes. Doesn’t matter how costly they were, those Jimmy Choo’s (that pinch your toes) or that cashmere baby blanket (does Aunt Maude have no sense whatsoever?): if it is not an asset to your life as you live it now, pass it on!

Not everything you’ve just decided to part with is worth consigning or selling to a buy-outright shop. Some aren’t “even” worth donating to a charitable thrift shop.

  • The best quality, condition, and style clothing should be freshly-washed and pressed and hung neatly. If you’re sorting out decor items, check them for all parts, and make sure they are free of chips, scratches, and tarnish. These are the items you’ll be taking to your friendly local consignment or resale shop. See Would you Wrap this in a Festive Bow? for more info.

  • The next level down, perfectly good and clean items that are no longer in style but useful, will go in your “Donate” pile for the charitable shop of your choice.

  • The final level, terribly worn, non-working, or soiled-for-good items should be thrown away or put in a “free” box at your next garage sale. Do not burden a charitable shop with the job of throwing away things you know are no longer useable…all you will be doing is adding to their costs of operating the thrift shop.

    Selecting a shop or two to take your underloved items to is not a task to be undertaken lightly. We discuss what you should look for in a consignment or resale shop here.

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Seriously now. Your closet?

There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, and it’s kinda personal.

Your closet.Get the help your closet needs at a Professional Resale or Consignment Shop at

If it’s bulging with clothes and you have nothing to wear, it’s time for some editing, some subtractions and some fab new additions. That’s where the Professional Resalers on our Resale and Consignment Shop Directory come in…

the help you need to have the wardrobe life you’ll love.

Let them guide you in deciding what to pass on to others and what to add in to your closet to make

every day a good outfit day!

PS The same goes for your kids’ closets too. Why waste space on clothes and toys they aren’t using. Turn your Cluttered Closets into Cash with the help of your local consignment or resale shop… and don’t forget your charity-run nonprofits too!