Preserve those Halloween Monsters

How to Get the Best Halloween PicturesThey’re just too cute for words… so don’t forget to take a great photo of the kids (and the not-so-kids) (and the jack-o-lanterns) in their Halloween costumes! Here’s a gathering of the best tips I found (follow the links for many more tips)… and my own personal tip, which is to practice beforehand!


Before you press the shutter, you must decide:  One — What is the subject of the photograph? Two: How can I focus attention on that subject? Three: How can I simplify the subject?  How to Take Great Halloween Photos

Halloween is a time of drama and you can add to this by getting in nice and close and filling the frame with your subjects. Halloween Photography Tips

Don’t always shoot from adult-level looking down on the little ones. Take some shots from a child’s-eye-level too. Halloween Tips 

Ask your witch to cast a spectacular spell, tell your ninja to show you her best moves, or have your little pirate give you his best ‘Aaaaargh’ while waving his sword13 ways to get great photos of kids


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