Best use yet for an orphan sock. Maybe.

Reusing single socks on the blog

As this blogger says:

If you’ve been looking for a comfortable, WASHABLE, easy to use armband for your phone while exercising, you HAVE to do this.

It’s very involved and complicated so pay attention.  Here’s what you have to do …

Cut the toe off of a sock … and put it on your arm.  Phew.  Difficult.

But if you’re more the amuse-kids-and-whimsical-adults kind than the running kind, you might prefer to make puppets.

(Here’s how to make mouths on your sock puppets. You could write something cheeky therein.)

I know which I’m going for.

Armband photo from here; sock puppet by Rion (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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