Tuck those winter clothes away… the right way

HowToConsign.org tells you how to store winter clothes away... safely!The greatest joy of spring, to my mind, is packing away all those heavy winter clothes. As much as I loved them back last fall, I am happy to tuck them away in favor of lighter, brighter clothing for spring and summer.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love my fall and winter items. To be sure they look as good six months from now, here’s the right way to store them:

Always wash/ clean everything you store away. Even if you think it’s clean, moths and silverfish could dine on that teeny splash of Chardonnay on your cuff, or the minuscule mote of mahi mahi….

Store in cotton or canvas bins to allow for seasonal variances in temperature and humidity. Air-tight is a no-no. If you must use plastic bins, poke a few holes in them, and wrap the contents in (freshly-cleaned!) sheets or pillowcases. No dry cleaner bags!

Where to store? Under your bed, in a guest room… the basement will work if you must, but beware of leaving bins directly on the basement floor: put them on bricks to allow for air circulation all around. Attic are a no-no: too hot!

Keep pests out with cedar blocks or balls. If your old blocks don’t smell of cedar, sand them down until they do. It’s the scent that discouraged wildlife from cozying up to your cashmere or wandering through your woolens. Keep the cedar from touching fabric. I prefer lavender sachets, which work as well.

Having trouble getting spots and stains out before storing your winter clothes away? Stop in at your favorite consignment, resale or thrift shop and ask for our special TGtbT.com service brochure, Out Out Darned Spot. If they don’t have it available for you, tell them they can get a full selection of helpful tips brochures for their clientele, here.

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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