Think jeans are just jeans?

Jeans are just jeans, right? Nothing special about them. They’re just, like, always there, aren’t they?

Well, here are some fun facts about the favorite pants of old and young, near and far!

Levis 501 jeans: Why "501"?

Why “501”? The brand got its distinctive 501 label from the storage lot number it was assigned in 1890. It just stuck.

Why are there two horses on the patch? Actually, Levis were know as “The Two Horse Brand” until the 1920s. Here’s more from the Levi Strauss Historian.

Why do some people call jeans “dungarees”? Dungaree is an Anglicization of Dongri, a dockside village near present-day Bombay India, where, as early as the 1600s, a cheap, coarse thick cotton cloth, often blue but sometimes white,  was worn by impoverished people.

The official Levi Strauss “Our Story” site.

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