OMG What will we be for Halloween? Head for the resale shop!

It’s getting down to the wire, and you still have no idea what to be for Halloween? We’ve collected up terrific ideas for you in this PDF. All it’ll take is a quick trip to your favorite resale shop, and you, your kids, even the baby will be all set!

A few ideas before you click to get our free PDF on Halloween costume ideas. My personal favorite: Crazy Cat Lady! Hat, glasses, dress and shoes and lots of stuffed cats…..

Halloween with thrift shop finds

How about an undead flapper? Cheerleader? Fairy Ghostmother (such fun with an over-the-top bridesmaid dress from a thrift shop!) Heck, you could be an undead resale shopper!

Halloween idea from the Resale Guru at

This is probably THE easiest family costume idea of all! What’s easier than baby as a football, Daddy as a linebacker or letterman, Mom as a cheerleader or bookish nerd? Grab a onesie at your local thrift, dye it brown, use iron-on tape for the ball laces, and have, forgive me, a ball.

Dye a secondhand onesie and baby's a football!


Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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