Celebrate with HowToConsign!

Halloween ghosts from countryliving.com

These cute ghosts are tissue-paper wedding-bell decorations, trimmed with felt features and draped in cheesecloth! So clever and easy, from countryliving.com

Happy Halloween from all of us on the Resale Shop Directory!

Haven’t decided yet what to be for Halloween? We’ve collected up

the best, easiest costumes for you…

most of which can be put together very thriftily at your local resale shops. (We are most definitely opposed to anyone, from the dog to the kids to you, purchasing cheap, imported trash that you’ll use once: what a waste of the earth’s resources!) Click here for our 4-page PDF of great, eco-friendly costume ideas.

And for the kiddies (though we won’t tell if you pick up a crayon or two) two coloring pages for the season. Click and print out our

Fall coloring page, or our Happy Pumpkins page.

And enjoy the most fun holiday of all, with love from the Sponsors of The Resale Shop Directory! Oh, and don’t miss

our Pinterest Board, Halloween with Resale

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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