Is it time to get rid of it?

Not sure if you should get rid of it? Pack it away for 3 months, suggests HowToConsign.comSometimes it seems like our possessions possess us, instead of the other way around. If you are like the rest of us, there’s things you’ve accumulated that you really don’t need, want, or enjoy.

Although it can be hard to part with belongings, there’s a simple way to see if you truly care about something. Put it aside, away, out of sight, in a cupboard, closet, or storage area.

Three months later, go look at it.

Did you miss it? Do you still want it? Love it? Is it adding to the quality of your life? If not, call your local resale shop to see if it’s something they can find a good home for, at a profit to you. Chances are, one of our Sponsor shops can find someone who’s yearning for just that thing!

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