Oh those frustrating people you love!

All the easy holiday gifts have been bought and wrapped. Now for those wonderful, lovable, wouldn’t-trade-em-for-the-world folks who are SO hard to buy for!

Now’s the time to hit the consignment, resale and thrift shops.

Here’s how it went for me:

I noticed on my last visit to my sister-in-law’s kitchen that she couldn’t find the right bowl to beat eggs in. They were all too large or too small, and I know just the size she needs, and I know she loves red… found it. In a church thrift store. (The volunteers were delighted…the money will go to help families make their rent.)

Kenny loves old Western novels, the traditional kind. He’s read everything that is currently being published. Found some oldies-but-goodies in a non-profit used book shop. (And helped the charity.)

Tyfanie (her mother’s eccentric, what can I say) is still, at 17, finding her own style. What better than a jumbo gift bag filled with accessories of all sorts from a feather boa to high-tops, hair clips to nail-studded belts? She’ll play dress-up for months on the $45 that wouldn’t have bought her a single sweater…which would, invariably, be the wrong style. Every gift in that bag came from 3 consignment shops. (And circulated my local dollars to local shopkeepers and local consignors.)

giftopenAnd of course little ones don’t care if their gift happened to spend a few weeks in a resale shop because some other kid didn’t like Astronaut Barbie or outgrew his fascination with dinosaurs.

And finally, my neighbors who are building a family room onto their house: I got them a gift certificate to the best furniture/ home decor consignment shop in town. I wouldn’t want to deprive them of the fun of shopping resale for just the RIGHT thing for their home.

I just hope they invite me along when it comes time to go shopping!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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