The Secret Life of Bag Sales

Chances are, right about now (or soon, ask your favorite consignment or resale shop), there’s some great buys offered during bag sale events.

What, you say? You don’t “need” anything?

Auntie Kate begs to differ. You need SO many things, you’re gonna be buying three bags full.

Tee shirts turn terrific:

(more on fashion the Resale Way)

A dismal dresser dispenses drinks:

(more on making your house a home the Resale Way)

Jeans just jolly us up forever:

(more on creating unique things the Resale Way)

Your little helpers just HAVE TO HAVE that even though it’s too short? Solutions galore:

(more on bringing up the kids the Resale Way)

And for more ideas on how to use your found treasures, check out our Pinterest Board on that very subject!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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