If you’re lucky enough to have a summer rental….

Maybe you’re renting a cottage for the summer? Great place, you’re looking forward to it, but the decor is, say, a little lacking in style.

You’d like to put your (temporary) stamp on it?

HowToConsign gets it! You need something fun, something with pizzazz, but something that is inexpensive and can be taken down when you leave, leave your security deposit intact.

Here’s what we’ve found!

First up, a tongue-in-cheek wall that not everyone can pull off… but if you can, can I come over? I bet the rest of your place is just FULL of ideas!

Decorate your door or porch with a plain wreath (find them at thrift shops for practically free!) and trim it all summer long with things you’ve found on your walks, from shells to dried weeds to Happy Meal toys.

Trim a wreath with summer vacation finds for a personable decor, says HowToConsign.com


Cover a floor covering with a painter’s drop cloth… write your favorite vacation quote on it!

Vacation rental area rug: a painter's drop cloth you've added your favorite quote to! HowToConsign.org loves this!


One last necessity for summer rental temporary decor: Command Picture Hanging Strips. It’s not so much as you’ll be bringing paintings with you on vacation… but with these strips, you can start enjoying the consignment, resale, and thrift shop paintings you’ll be collecting as you explore your summer home!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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