It’s February: Time for some CPR around your place!

February is the PERFECT time to do CPR on your closet or storage space:

Consider… Purge…Reorganize

Consider: Go through your possessions. Love it? Maybe it’s just not for YOU or your home. But it could be JUST what someone else wants. So consign or sell it at a profit or donate it to your favorite cause’s thrift shop.

Purge: If you don’t use it at least a few times a year, don’t let it hang in your closet or sit in a cupboard all unloved and forlorn. Pass it on.

Reorganize: Take a look at what remains, the things you love. Would a pair of red jeans or a brass lamp jazz up your wardrobe or your decor? An artist’s manikin accent your collection of oddities? You know what I’m going to say:

Shop consignment, resale and thrift to reorganize your most-prized possessions!

On a serious note, here’s some recommendations on keeping your heart healthy.

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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