Stuck inside ’cause of the weather? Here’s what to do!

Looks of folks are fielding lots of snow days recently, and we wouldn’t want you all to go bonkers… here are some quick-and-easy projects to have fun with, create something, and feel like the day hasn’t been wasted!

First up, make some industrial-chic vase:

Got soda cans? Got some spray paint? You got spray-painted can vases… and the kids will love crumbling them for you!

Or try getting around to that pesky task, polishing up your silver jewelry:

Cleaning silver jewelry and more: a Pinterest recipe

Click for a Pinterest recipe using ingredients you probably have around the house.

How about a time capsule in your home?

Light switch covers become time capsules! Click for not only how-to’s, but even a template to create your “time-in-a-switchplate” message!

What better to do when you’re stuck inside, than bake? Here’s Vampire Cookies:

Vampire cookies are fun anytime, right?

Vampire Cookies! Everyone loves cookies, and it seems everyone loves vampires…

Amaze and astound the kids with Magic Cake!

Magic Cake to astound and delight!

You probably have the ingredients for the batter in the pantry… and this cake becomes, all on its own, three layers!

And then, of course, there’s always cleaning closets and cupboards to turn clutter into cash at a Professional Resale Shop!

Sources for these graphics.

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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