Is there a toddler on your holiday gift list?

(We’re doing 50 Days & 50 Ways to have a merry recycled holiday. More about this….)

What does a three-year-old want for Christmas?Let’s take a look at the whole custom of giving elaborate gifts to children who would be perfectly happy with something much simpler and much more Earth-friendly in this article.

What does a 3-year-old “want” for Christmas?

As it says in the article:

not only are you saving for your toddler’s future expenses…you’re actually saving the planet for her as well.

And isn’t THAT a wonderful holiday present to give the next generation? Priceless, indeed.

Worried that the child’s parents will think you a skinflint, if you gift their little one with something simple rather than costly? Include a check for the kid’s college fund. That’ll show

you mean what you gift.

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