Loyal To Local

There's nothing more local than shopping RESALE!I’m sure you’ve all heard of the “Shop Local” movement, as a way to support your town’s downtown, to keep your community’s economy healthy, and even to do your part to shop sustainably. Great idea, for sure. But did you know that

resale is as local as it gets

because the money flows right back into your community in ways you may not even have though about?

For example: An older couple is downsizing. They use a consignment shop to find new homes for things they no longer need. Selling their cherished furniture gives them cash for the landscaping at their new home (the landscaping company might even be your sibling’s!), and doesn’t involve shipping merchandise via diesel truck or (horrors!) sending that comfy couch to the landfill.

Or a local college student sells his last-year’s clothes or dorm decor at a resale shop and turns right around and spends the money on pizza at your cousin’s place and new boots at your shoe shop.

And the family whose babies are now elementary-school age? Infant clothing gets donated to the local nonprofit thrift shop. Some of it is given to needy families within your area, keeping them solvent, while other items are sold to fund the charity’s mission within your community.

Every buyer: of furniture, that cool leather jacket, or those adorable ruffly party dresses size 2T, benefits not only by the great prices at resale, but by not having to spend the time and the gas to go to the mall. Besides, your little ones like visiting Heloise’s HandMeDowns because the local owner knows her name… and hands out candy!

Sellers benefit. Buyers benefit. And resale shop owners and managers earn their living, staff members have local jobs close to home, and everyone buys groceries, pays rent or mortgage, and sometimes even flowers from your daughter’s flower shop!

Can’t get more local than local resale! Stay loyal to local!

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