The Best for Halloween!

Simple Halloween costume

What’s easier than baby as a football, Daddy as a linebacker or letterman, Mom as a cheerleader or bookish nerd? Grab a onesie at your local thrift, dye it brown, use iron-on tape for the ball laces, and have, forgive me, a ball.

No excuses. Do not buy a cheap, plastic, made-in-China costume for your kids, pets… or yourself. It’s eco-unfriendly to buy something that’s been shipped across the globe to use for one evening. Not when there are so many ideas waiting for you to get creative with at consignment, resale, and thrift shops! Shop local for the best in Halloween disguises… and do

we have some ideas for you!

Here’s some of the most pinned ideas from the Pinterest Boards:

Want a costume that’s family-friendly? How about a mother-daughter (or father-son or father-daughter….) costume with bits and pieces from your closet and a thrift shop (and a stop in the yarn shop)… that’s really easy and not scary or sexy?

Need a costume that you can actually work in? All this one takes is a black tee shirt you’re willing to cut up (find one at your favorite resale shop) and a grey tank top.

Okay. One last idea: an undead flapper or cheerleader. When you get to the pin, click it to go to FOUR pages of more costume ideas brought to you courtesy of the Professional Resaler Sponsors on our Resale Shop Directory!

Download the Halloween Costume booklet from

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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