The Thrill of the Hunt

Be stylish & savvy with HowToConsign.orgEver notice how people say things like I found this at a great new resale shop or maybe they say This? It had my name on it at that consignment shop down on Main, you know the one….

But they say I bought it at Marshall’s or It was on sale at Macy’s.

Isn’t it interesting? True shoppers are so much more excited at the thrill of discovery, the unique local business. They realize it doesn’t take imagination or style savvy to pull out the credit card at the chain store. Anyone can do that.

But it takes ingenuity, creativity, vision, to pull together a unique wardrobe or decorating style. The savings from buying gently-used things? Really secondary to the fashion maven. (Although everyone loves a cheap, err, thrifty thrill.)

Inspiration and inventiveness is what true shoppers want.

Who wants to look like a mall rat?

In a book I read the author was describing just how bland, boring, and plebeian a character was. She did it in one sentence. She was the kind of woman who wore department store jewelry.

Doesn’t that say it all?

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