BTS shopping with your tween? How to survive her fashion whims.

tweens shopping shine yahooSo she was a tomboy last week, a fashionista this week, and next week who knows?

Consignment, resale, thrift is a tween’s BFF… or shall we say, her parents’ BFF!

While some parents stress over their children’s wardrobe whims and the costs of those whims (an excellent article is here), others take a much more relaxed approach by introducing the kids to recycling fashion the consignment, resale, and thrift way.

It teaches style, budgeting… and even keeping her possessions edited down to the truly-cherished. She can clean up her closet (and that bedroom floor!) and “trade them in” on whatever floats her boat THIS week!

Introduce your kids to resale and its wonders and watch them

blossom with their unique style!

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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