I’m tired just watching them make jeans.

Jeans. Seems like most everyone loves ’em. But have you ever pondered how much work goes into making them?

This boutique New Zealand brand has actually posted step-by-step photos of how theirs are made. You’ll love it. (Be patient, the page loads slowly.)

Okay, now that you appreciate all that those jeans went through to get to you, don’t you feel bad about letting them hang around your closet without being loved and worn? If you have some that are less than your favorites,

liberate them today

at your Professional Resale Shop, whether it’s consignment, buy-outright, or donation to your local thrift store.

Everyone loves jeans.

Everyone loves jeans. Click the picture for Glambistro’s best advice on jeans for short women.

Add your thoughts, ideas or hints!

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