Buy quality… and make it last.

Once you've bought quality, keep it quality!

So you’ve found the wardrobe item of your dreams, and you’ve bought it! Congratulations! You”re a Smart Shopper who knows well-made garments when she sees them, and you’re smart because you’ve saved money, too.

One of the great reasons to shop consignment, resale and thrift shops is that you can actually

see and feel quality.

Once a garment’s been washed and worn and washed a few times, quality becomes much easier to judge, so you know you’ll be getting a well-made item when you buy it gently-used.

If it shrank the first time the previous owner washed it, if the side seams twisted or the stitching came loose, the cheapness will shout out to you. Chances are it shouted out to the shop’s staff, too, so you won’t ever see these things… they’re in the rag bag by now.

Judging quality secondhand involves a few benchmarks, such as

Make sure the grain line is straight, and the garment drapes the way it is intended.  Check front and back.


At least 1-1/2″ width hems are best.  Hems should be nearly invisible, and should hang straight and evenly without puckering.

And once you’ve chosen your better-quality, new-to-you clothes, you’ll want to care for them in the manner to which they’ve been accustomed. For example:

When you take off a garment, check it for stains, tears, etc.; and take care of any issues immediately.


Woolen garments require a rest in between wearings.  This allows wrinkles to fall out, gives the garment a chance to regain its shape.

When you shop consignment, thrift and resale, you can afford quality. You’ll love your new-to-you clothes so much, you’ll want the best for them!

Read all the tips here.

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